Screenprinters Meet Acupuncturists: Porcupine Edition


Six hours, two days and at least 30 Southpoint Acupuncture Porcupine T-Shirts, hand-printed by Jessica, Carrie and Trish, the acupuncturists themselves! Thanks to the Southpoint crew for making the initial connection and for their excitement for learning how to screenprint. We spent a two day workshop on the basics of printing, preparing screen and designing images all in order to create a hand done t-shirt order.

Carrie and Jessica started Southpoint Community Acupuncture located on 38th and Bloomington in the Powderhorn Neighborhood with the goal of making acupuncture more accessible to the community, namely by using a sliding scale fee for treatments and an accepting and comfortable clinic full of plush arm chairs. Check out their website at Thanks, we had an awesome time and hope you did too!

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