We’re having a kick off party this Tuesday to celebrate the return of Living Proof’s Open Shops.

Join us on Tuesday Sept 3 for a Kick Off party from 6-9 PM.

Come hang out in our space with us, join us for snacks (it’s a potluck), print a “Once More With Feeling” print (designed by Andrew Gramm of Living Proof based on our latest catch phrase), or bring your own project to print if you have printing experience already.

What is open shop?

It’s a time where Living Proof opens and staffs our shop for other artists and participants to bring their own work in to print.  Experience with screen-printing required, and we prefer that you come get acquainted with how our shop works before starting too (perfect reason to attend the Kick Off party).  Taken an exco class from us or a screen-printing class in the past – this is perfect for you.  If you wish to bring your own project, we can supply you with everything you need (screens, emulsions, cleaners, drying racks, inks, etc), but you must bring your own paper (available at art stores all over the world and online – even target craft paper will suffice if you’re in a pinch).  Please keep in mind that we do charge a small fee for using the shop (5-10$ sliding scale) and the rest of the supplies work like a menu, which you can view here.  Average cost to come print is $12-20 for a 2 day period (not including paper/t-shirts or whatever you’d like to print on).

Open Shop Dates:

  • Sept 3,4 : 6-9 PM
  • Oct 3,4: Time TBD
  • Nov 3,4: Time TBD
  • Dec 3,4: Time TBD

Don’t know where the shop is? E-mail us at for the address and we’ll send it to you.  Hint: Located near Chicago & Lake.


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