Call for Members

We’re taking applications for new members!

Who we are

Living Proof Print Collective is a community-based printshop dedicated to directly performing and supporting anti-oppression work in the Twin Cities through arts education and collaboration. We work from a basement studio* are located in the Central neighborhood of South Minneapolis. For the past two and a half years we have partnered with social justice and youth-serving organizations to offer free classes and design support for movements. List of projects here:

*Regretfully, the shop is not wheelchair accessible and may be difficult for those with limited mobility.

What we want

Members with a background in printmaking, specifically screenprinting, who share our commitment to social justice and advocacy through art-making. Involvement in the collective includes outreach through teaching and community projects, shop/collective upkeep, and personal projects. People of color and queer/trans* folks strongly desired.

Please, write a bit about yourself for us:

  • What is your experience with making art?
  • What is your experience with anti-oppression work?
  • Why do you like printmaking?
  • What do you want to do with LP?

Expect response within a week of deadline.


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