Living Proofers

  • Emma Colón makes prints, does dances, rides bikes, eats tacos. She fell into printmaking as a student at Macalester College and now teaches it through Living Proof and Highpoint Center for Printmaking.

  • Noah Exum likes dark colors and dark humor, which is reflected in his art. Working in multiple mediums, his work is both beautiful and macabre, with occasional forays in more lighthearted designs. He recently graduated from Macalester College with a degree in studio art and a minor in American studies.


  • Andrew Gramm’s favorite things about Living Proof are teaching, collaborating with great artists, and making silly signs for the shop. He came to screenprinting through oil painting, which gives him an appreciation for jumpsuits, mixing ink, and juggling rags without the accompanying haze of solvents. He directs his work in art and organizing towards furthering community access to arts and education programming.

  • Paige Guggemos is a freelance designer who loves screenprinting and making band t-shirts.  Paige likes making art, camping, and pizza parties above basically anything else.  You can view her recent work in real time at







  • Luke Harris stumbled on printmaking by chance. Ever since first inking a roller, he has been kept hooked by the combination of inky aprons, print trades and conversations with other artists. At Living Proof, Luke is most excited about spreading the joys and frustrations of printmaking, learning as he goes and making edible prints. He prefers the scenic route.


  • Susan Kikuchi admires and tries to make agitiational art. She works in mixed media, print, painting and collage.  Susan is interested in art as an organizing tool. Previously a member of Tiny Circus stop motion animation collective, she also studied Sociology and likes cutting hair.






  • Linda Nguyễn is a queer artist and cultural worker. Works cited at

  • Aaron Rosenblum discovered the pleasure and potential of art with help from his senior year ceramics teacher who preached patience and process. In college he fell into a fantastic little printshop community with a strong DIY ethic. That all led to Living Proof, the reason for this website. Aaron enjoys reclaiming old screens and cooling off in the LP basement on hot summer days. Aaron also likes cats. And dogs. And horses. He’s curious about CMYK, mycelium, train travel, adobe after affects, and home remedies.



  • Jacque Kutvirt


  • Rose Holdorf

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