DIY Print Shop

Basic Shop Supplies – A list of the basic materials you’ll need for an at home printshop using photoemulsion. There are also some helpful tips on printing on fabric and registering multiple colors. Note that this list does NOT include washout, which requires emulsion remover and a high pressure water spray (try a hose with spray nozzle or a power washer – or if you don’t have one of these try a car wash)

DIY Portable Light Box– A guide to building a DIY portable lightbox developed by the education department staff at the Andy Warhol Museum.

DIY Portable t-shirt Printing Rig – A guide to building your own one color t-shirt printing press. See pages below or click through the link for more details.

©Scott and Pat Fresener

©Scott and Pat Fresener

©Scott and Pat Fresener

©Scott and Pat Fresener

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