Design Prep

Elements of Design

  • Positive/Negative Space
  • Line
  • Color
  • Text


  • The more detail there is, the harder the image will be to print. Try to go for bold, graphic images.
  • Try to have clearly defined lines and no spots that are too small
  • Make sure the image is solid black, as opposed to a gradient of color. We’ll go over this part in more detail when we meet – it’s a part of the process that’s difficult to explain before you’ve experienced the materials we’ll be using.
  • The maximum size to print (for this workshop) is 8.5” by 11”

Design Options

Some GIMP tips

  • General
    • Resolution (Image → Print Size…)
    • Grayscale (Image → Mode → Grayscale)
  • Techniques
    • Threshold (Colors → Threshold…)
    • Posterize (Colors → Posterize…)
    • Photocopy (Filters → Artistic → Photocopy…)
    • Newsprint (Filters → Distorts → Newsprint…)


Some other info on preparing the screen for printing:

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