Screenprinting Class: T-shirt Printing in support of CTUL

T-Shirt Screenprinting Class with Aaron of Living Proof Print Collective!

Learn how to print shirts in an environment you could easily replicate at home.  

  • Dates: April 14-15, 11 am – 2 pm both days
  • Cost: sliding scale
  • Location: Living Proof – Private Residence in S. MPLS – register for address
  • Teacher: Aaron Rosenblum
  • Contact/Register: 

Class Description from Aaron:

  • Do you want to learn how to screen print t-shirts using photo emulsion?
  • Do you also want to help raise money for CTUL (our local bad ass worker center)?


This two-day workshop will cover the basics of screen printing on t-shirts from design, to making screens, to printing and drying, including how you might do this at home in your own bathroom/kitchen/garage!

In Support of CTUL:

I committed last year to raise $1000 for CTUL’s Raise Worker Voice campaign ( and am hoping to go over that number by raising $500 with this workshop. Workshop fees will cover snacks, shop supplies, and t-shirts. Everything over and above that goes to CTUL. Fee: sliding scale $50-$150. If you can afford the high end that helps support a couple folks at the low end.


Space is limited to accommodate our shop space. To register: You must contact me (Aaron) preferably via email (but phone works too) to reserve your spot. Last, if you can’t afford the fee but are way interested in this give me a shout anyway. If we can’t work it out this time there is a chance I could do this workshop again in a non-fundraising situation. My


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