Intermediate Class for Exco

You must be registered here, and e-mail to RSPV – Class Limit is 6, first 6 to confirm will be given priority.



Saturday, November 23th 11am-4pm; Sunday, November 24rd 12-5pm

Participants are invited to join local collective Living Proof for a two day screen-printing workshop.

We will cover how to prepare and print a 2 color screen-print for paper 11×17 inches or smaller. Ideal for art prints, flyers, promo materials, and general 2-color experience. Participants will gain first hand experience working with image editing software, preparing and burning screens, registration, printing, paper handling, and clean-up while working in our DIY studio. All materials (imaging software, screens, emulsion, inks, paper) covered. Participants will bring their own image to print, following the advised guidelines provided. Participants will make 13 prints to keep and 7 prints that will be traded with the shop and other participants, but are welcome to bring or purchase additional paper if they’d like additional prints. Participants should come with prepared drawings/files (saved to e-mail/ubs drive) that are appropriate for 2-color (layer) paper printing 11×17 in. or smaller. Participants are free to bring along their own paper, or use paper provided.

The first days class will be a full morning and afternoon and include time for preparing images at the the living proof shop, Boxed Lunch or Lunch at the Global Market around 1ish, a studio tour, and screen prep. Feel free to bring coffee/drinks/snacks with you. We were originally planning to meet at the library but alternatively have computer work stations set up at the shop to use to cut down on transportation time and the learning curve with new equipment. We will have Photoshop and Gimp available for last minute edits to images. The second Day will be printing only, where you’ll be working in partners to complete your editions. As a bonus, participants who finish the class and enjoy using the Print space are eligible to attend Open Shops at the Living Proof studio which is a semi-regular open studio time for our past exco participants. It is likely that we will end early on Sunday, so be prepared for that. Some of you may finish before others. Facilitator email(s):,

We will be posting tips and ideas for preparing your images over the next week on our website: Living Proof Shop Minneapolis, MN United States See map: Google Maps : 3016 Columbus Ave MN Facilitator’s experience: We have been offering beginning classes since fall 2011. Facilitator phone number(s): text for a callback: 6122057843 / Led by Noah Exum & Paige Guggemos Class maximum size: 6 – To participate you must be registered through Exco’s website and be confirmed to attend via Facilitator.


I’ll be posting tips over the next few days on a new post (or click the image directly above to view) on how to prepare your images and what to expect when printing at Living Proof.  If you have any questions or want consultation as you design – I’d absolutely love to help. – e-mail

For now, get started on imagining your 2 color print (which could be 3 colors if you use the white of the paper) in 11×17 inches (or smaller).  Consider how you want to use color, layers, texture, pattern to work with.  Think about how to make this easy and fun on yourself, and stay simple – as it will be a learning experience you’re welcome to challenge yourself, but don’t stress. The layouts can link together, or be completely separate.  You will find some resources and links posted our our website as well.  It is also good to think about what it is that you want to convey with your image.  This will be a paper based class, so consider if it something you’d like to frame, hang, distribute, or if it’s something where you’re printing business cards, thank you cards, art prints, flyers…etc.  Lots of possibilities, here.  For now, there are especially good tips in the OPEN SHOP section/posts of our website. – Paige Guggemos (

more TIPS here:

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